Stars Above Hawaii

Perpetuating Hawaiian Culture Through the Eyes of the Stars

Hawaii’s Gateway to the Stars for Evening Entertainment at the Ko Olina Resort

COVID-19 Star Show News

Disney Aulani star shows OPEN AGAIN starting Jan. 17, 2021

Four Seasons Oahu re-opening star shows by March 18, 2021

Marriott Beach Club tentatively re-opening star shows by March 18, 2021

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Romantic Couples

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Adults and Friends

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Local Star Explorers Stars Above Hawaii
Stars Above Hawaii
Stars Above Hawaii
Stars Above Hawaii

Celebrating 13 Years !

 Romance * Time Travel * Diamond Stars

Polynesian Star Navigation * Hawaii Star Lines

On the Beach * Hawaiian Star Names * Majestic Sunsets

Loved Ones and Family Fun

Ohana and Keiki

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Four Seasons Oahu

Fun for all ages

Open to Public

Re-opening March 11, 2021
Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays

8 PM

Aulani, Disney Resort

Family Fun for Everyone

In-House Guests Only

Re-opening Dec. 13, 2020
Wed., Thurs., Sat., Sun.

8 & 9 PM

Marriott Beach Club

Friends Night Out Under the Stars

Open to Public

Re-opening January 3, 2021
Mondays, Tuesdays & Friday

8 PM

Polynesian Star Voyaging!

Lifetime Memories
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Hawaii Stars!

Appreciation Email, Text and Thank You Cards

Spectacular. Truly amazing! Just incredible! – Four Seasons Oahu Management

I had a great time. I would enjoy coming to see the event again. – Disney Management

Very interesting and interactive; my girls enjoyed themselves; so did daddy. – Marriott Management

We have told many people about the good times we had with you in Ko Olina while we were here in Hawaii. I envy you the viewing conditions on the island. Thanks again for two fun evenings. – NASA Employee

The views through your eyepiece are incredibly clear and excellent. It brings out so many unseen stars. – Hubble Heritage Institute Employee

That was spectacular. You were an excellent source of information. – Public Speaker and Astronaut Consultant, as well as TV (X-Files) Series Writer and Actress

Hello again, we wanted to thank you again for the great experience of watching the stars and planets yesterday. My son proclaimed that this was the best birthday present ever. My husband and I really enjoyed the show as well. We will be back with friends and family in the future. Thanks. – Ines Wells

Seeing the Unseen!

Awesome Reviews

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Hawaii Star Lines e-Book

Ambassador Talks

Outreach Education
NASA Ambassador KROC 05-27-12
Public Speaking
Recognized Authority

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Outreach and Charity

Community Activities
Teenage Scouts
Community Fund Raising Events
Foundation Events
Scouts Boys/Girls
Greg at American Heart Association Heart Ball
Heart Ball

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Private Star Shows


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About Us / News

Orion Stars Above Hawaii
Star Fleet
Star Fleet Command

Learn more About Us, such as the star show and Ambassador Greg, including numerous news articles over the years.

In summary, hop on the starlight express and don’t get left light-years behind. Reserve your place in the universe today. Join the thousands of people of all ages from all over the world who have experienced the unbelievable, seeing the unseen as they had never seen it before. A time traveling journey across space and time, where romancing under the Stars Above Hawaii is your ticket to staying forever young! 

Hawaii Star Lines

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